Finn completes internship at USTU

On the 30th of November 2018, Marjanah Sadiq (Finland) who was here to gain more knowledge about the Russian Language and her Master’s Degree Thesis rounded up her 3 months internship with the International department of USTU. Marjanah Sadiq was awarded a certificate that signifies she productively completed 500 hours of internship, a warm farewell tea party and a few words from the students and staffs of USTU she had come in contact with.


A cultural visit to the central library of Ukhta

On the 23rd of November 2018 international students of Ukhta State Technical University took part in an annual event that is organized by the central library of our city. Students from three different high school and colleges graced this year’s event and they all were eager to meet with some of the international students of the university. All international students that were scheduled to give a presentation of their country were Nigerians, the first group of the USTU’s preparatory course were also in attendance.


Gazprom museum tour

On the19th of November 2018, the 2018/2019 set of the preparatory course at USTU had the pleasure of having an excursion at the Gazprom museum (exhibition halls) in Ukhta city. The excursion was a completely new level of a study trip for the students who were not fully familiar with the basics of oil and gas industry, oil and gas extraction and the early oil and natural gas discovery expedition.


Exchange of power at USTU

Ukhta State Technical University notifies the public about personnel changes in the management structure of the University. On November 1, 2018, the Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation M. M. Kotyukov appointed Dmitry Anatolyevich Belyaev, as acting rector of USTU. Previously, D. Belyaev served as the first Vice-rector for educational activities and strategic development of Ukhta State Technical University.


The third group of the preparatory course begins at USTU

6th of November 2018 at the preparatory Department of the International Department marked the beginning of the preparatory course of the third group. The third group consists of students from various countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, came to study at USTU.


Visit of a SPE Distinguished Lecturer L.W. (Roy) Ledgerwood III

Within the framework of cooperation between Ukhta University and the world society of petroleum engineers SPE, guest lectures of the world's leading experts in various fields of the oil and gas industry are organized on a regular basis. On 17th October at USTU was an open lecture which given by the American lecturer Ledgerwood Leroy Williams III. The theme of the lecture: "Solving the mystery of low rate of penetration in deep wells". The presentation considered the detective story of the development of models that try to explain the low rate of penetration when drilling deep wells.


Training at the Nord University in Norway with the Erasmus+ program

Vladimir Zakusov a master’s degree student, who majors in “Management” at Ukhta State Technical University participated in the academic mobility program Erasmus+, Global mobility and training at the Nord University in the city of Bodø (Norway). USTU and Nord signed an agreement, which enables students of our university to have the opportunity to study on the exchange. The training took place from January to June 2018.