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02.03.2019 to 12.03.2019 XXIX World Winter Universiade



Representatives of U.S. Embassy visited USTU

On 16th March, 2017 the delegation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow visited USTU. It consisted of three people: Chief Specialist of the Diplomatic Mission on Energy Issues - Justin Berg, Second secretary of the Political Section - Neil Gipson and Senior Specialist of the Economical Section - Vladimir Medoev.

The main aim of their visit was, first of all, acquaintance with the university complex and USTU experience in cooperation with product companies, as well as discussion in different areas of partnership.


Learning Russian in the U.S.: Russian Club at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon

Every Thursday at 5 pm at the International Department our Fulbright teaching assistant from the USA, Sarah (Scout) Mills, organizes the English club for Russian and international students. She told the Intarntional Department that she had a similar club during her study at Lewis and Clark College, but it was called Russian club. She would like to share her story about Russian club with you as well.


USTU promo video now in Spanish!

Now we have our promo video in Spanish! Everyone should watch it!


Olympiad in Russian among international students

On 21st February, 2017 the 5th All-Russian Olympiad in the Russian language among international students of Russian universities was completed in the Ural State University of Economics (Yekaterinburg, USUE). The event was attended by 210 international students from 50 countries, 36 regions of Russia and 67 universities.




Through USTU departments

For two weeks, from 7th February to 16th February, several excursions were held for international students of the preparatory course on which they are studying the Russian language to the end of July. Despite the fact that there is not much time till the entrance exams start, not all international students have made up their mind and still have doubts on what direction to continue their education at USTU.


The first university news in English is released!

Yahoo! Congratulations to us! The first news in English is released! Everyone must watch it at: