Future events

24.01.2018 SPE DL technical presentation will be held by guest Patrick Brand (USA)
13.12.2017 to 08.03.2018
Barents Plus
13.12.2017 to 10.02.2018
22.09.2017 to 01.06.2018
English Club



Victory again!

Last Sunday, on 5th June, the football team of USTU staff had a chance to play with another team of international students. This time they were from Serbia, who came to the Ukhta University for a summer practice. There were three friendly games between the teams of USTU staff, students of Serbia and students of Mining & Oil College.


Opening of the business incubator

In the middle of last month there was the long-awaited grand opening of the business incubator with the participation of Acting head of the Komi Republic Sergey Anatolievich Gaplikov,USTU rector Nikolaiy Denisovich Tskhadaya and the head of the Executive Committee of the Popular Front in the Komi Republic Olga Viktorovna Savastianova. The total number of guests was about 150 people. However, this did not prevent the organizer from making a tour through rooms the business incubator. 


Participation in the Forum "Innovatika: Krokhal 2016"

Would you like to spend some summer days in the open air living in a tent, doing some educative and fun activities and simply enjoying the nature?

Then you should join the annual forum "Innovatika: Krokhal 2016"! You can do it absolutely for free!

By tradition it will be held in Krokhal from 29th June 2016 (check-in at 10:00 am) till 4th July 2016 (check-out at 12:00 pm).


African team VS USTU staff team

How do you usually spend your weekend? Sleeping a lot and doing nothing?
Speaking of our international students and USTU staff, they always have quality time at the weekend. Last Sunday, on 29th May, there was a football game between the African team and USTU staff team. The game was divided into two halves; each of them lasted for 20 minutes. During a challenging game the USTU staff team won by a score of 7 to 3.


Summer practice for students from Serbia

On 25th May, 2016 at Ukhta State Technical University there was the first meeting with students, who came from Serbia for having a summer practice in Ukhta.


Support our basketball team!

USTU International Department offers a unique opportunity - a trip to Saint-Petersburg for the best students only. The target of the trip is to cheer for the USTU basketball team "Planeta Universitet" and to explore sightseeings of Saint-Petersubrg. The plan of the trip:


Conference "Education of international students and export of educational services" at USTU

On 28th April, 2016 there was the first conference on the international affairs called "Education of international students and he export of educational services" at Ukhta State Technical University. The lead in arranging the conference was taken by the International Department. The need to discuss ways of trainings of international students grew up because of increasing number of students arriving from abroad at university every year. Currently, there are about 500 international students from 30 countries at USTU.