Visit of the Serbian delegation to USTU

Ukhta University is always open for cooperation of various kinds: both in the scientific field and cultural one. However, if the parties of such cooperation are foreign partners, it becomes doubly important, as, for example, cooperation with the representatives of educational institutions from Serbia, which began in spring, 2013. The recent visit of delegation from Serbia to USTU was in early April.


Severgeoecotekh has been opened for 17th time

The International Scientific Youth Conference Severgeoecotekh started on 23th March  in the congress hall of USTU. A welcoming speech to the participants was given by the University Rector, Professor Nicholay Tskhadaya, who announced the moto of the event: “From smart universities - to smart cities, to a smart Republic, to a clever country”.


The School of tutors of international students got started!

22nd March. Tuesday. 5:00 pm. International Department. The grand opening of the School of tutors of international students. The intake of students, who want to be tutors of international students, was announced at the beginning of February this year. Not many prospective tutors managed to apply for the course, probably because of the very limited period of time for applying.


Interview with African Students at Ukhta University

Do you want to know how African Students live in Russia and Ukhta? Just watch the video below.


Reasons to study at USTU

Nothing happens accidentally. Everything has got its own reasons. Especially when it comes to study. Why to study at USTU? Follow the link and get the answer:



The Day of Love at USTU

As a rule after any event is finished, USTU reporter takes a pen and starts describing it from his point of view. Now we made up our mind to change the way of expanding a topic and gave a chance to one of our international students to share his empressions about how the day of love was celebrated at USTU.

A-18-year-old international student Oyeranmi Samson Gbolahan, who came to Ukhta from Nigeria, kindly agreed to help us.


One day of an international student at USTU

Students who want to study abroad always hesitate before making the last decision, because they don't know for sure how their life will go in a different country. But if you decide to study at USTU, it will be easy to choose our university, because now you can have a look at one day of an international student at USTU. Let's watch it now!