Gripping the skills of Russian - group № 3

The third and final group of the preparatory course started their lessons on 3rd November, 2015. The group consist of five (5) students from Ghana, Nigeria and India. Four more students from Pakistan, Nigeria and India will join the group within next two weeks.


Quest game for international students

3rd October 2015 presented itself with glamorous moment for our international students to familiarize themselves with the different parts of our beloved University. A game called "Quest" was organised to achieve this objective and also make this activity fun and enjoyable. 
Also, students were able to socialize, identify individual skill set and learned how to work together to achieve a common goal which is very fundamental to their university education.


The second group of the preparatory course started to learn Russian

At the beginning of October the second group of international students started the preparatory course by International department of USTU. First of all, students from far-abroad countries will focus on learning the Russian language. The new group consists of 9 people who came to the town of Ukhta from Gambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Nepal and Pakistan.


Re-start of English club

Last Thursday the first meeting of English Club was held at International Department. It was organized by staff of International Department together with two English teachers from the USA Kathryne Bascom and Victoria Pardini. Over 50 students and University staff, who wanted to practice spoken English, joined the meeting.


Introduce your country

No wonder that inhabitants of Ukhta town, where you can seldom meet a person with different skin colour and exotic eye shape, have always been interested in foreigners. Especially when we are talking about pupils of schools and lyceums, who would like to become friends with representatives of other culture and language. Last Friday, on 2nd October, such an opportunity was given to them by International Department together with museum clerks of USTU, who organized the event called “Introduce your country”.


A teacher of Russian from Ghana visited USTU

Last Saturday, on 26th September, a very unusual lesson was given to the first group of the preparatory course arranged by International Department of USTU. It was taught by Linda Abigail, a teacher of Russian from Ghana, a future candidate of Philological Sciences in the Russian language.


English with native speakers from the USA

A week ago two teachers from the USA arrived in the town of Ukhta for completing their internship at the Ukhta University. Kathryne and Victoria are going to teach English for all the students of USTU at the department of foreign languages from September, 2015 till June, 2016.

One week earlier another US teacher, Nicholas Ourusoff, came to the Ukhta University to teach in English at the department of computer science, information systems and technologies.