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Knowledge Day at USTU

On September, 1st a traditional celebratory assembly devoted to Knowledge Day and World Day took place at the Ukhta State Technical University


Summarizing Innovation: Krokhal 2014

From 8 to 12 July the USTU Krokhal tourist camp hosted Interregional Youth Educational Forum called Innovation: Krokhal 2014.


Anton Sorokin: “You’ll Have Support if You Have a Goal”

July 9 is the second day of the Inter-Regional Youth Forum, “Innovation: Krokhal 2014”. After charging exercises and tasty breakfast, all the participants gathered to listen to the lecture on “Mobilization of federal funding for innovative projects, experience of the Promoting Innovations Fund”. Anton Sorokin, curator of “UMNIK” organization team from the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE ST), came from Moscow to tell the participants of the forum about how to get the money for the project.


Innovation: Krokhal 2014 Declared Open

On July 8 the opening ceremony of the forum took place, where welcoming speeches to the participants and guests of the "Innovation" were delivered by the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Komi I.N. Kovzel; Head of Administration Municipal Urban District "Ukhta", I.N. Michel; Head of Municipal Urban District "Ukhta" - Chairperson of the Council of Municipal Urban District "Ukhta", R.V. Melnik; USTU Rector, Professor N.D. Tskhadaya; Rector of the Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration N.A. Nesterova; SFI Rector V.V.


USTU Representatives Discussed Informatization Issues with Partners from Azerbaijan

Ukhta State Technical University remotely participated in the annual international conference "Electronic Nakhichevan: Information and Communications Technology in Training." This conference covers various areas of Information Technologies. At the conference USTU was represented by Anton Grigoryev, Head of International Department, Daniil Yuriev, Head of Department for International Information Cooperation and Projects, and Maxim Barabanov, Director of the Information and Computing Center.


Ecological Round Table in Ethnopark

On Monday, June 30 the Finnougoriya Ethnocultural Park in Yb settlement hosted a roundtable discussion on preservation and reproduction of fish resources of the Komi Republic. Among the participants of the discussion were public figures, representatives of scientific community, representatives of the aquaculture companies, members of the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology of the State Duma, and other people who are concerned with eco-component of the native republic and the country.


A Planning Meeting on Specialist Training Held in Syktyvkar

On June 25, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Komi hosted a working meeting on improving the efficiency of the planning mechanism for training specialists in professional educational institutions in the Komi Republic in accordance with regional needs of the economy and social sphere.