Ukhta and Nakhchivan Continue Cooperation

At the end of last week a delegation of Nakhchivan State University (Azerbaijan) paid a working visit to Ukhta. The delegation included rector of NSU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor Saleh Magerramov and head of the NSU Department of Chemistry , Ph.D. in Chemistry, Professor Tawfiq Aliyev. Guests from the former Union Republic arrived in our city on April 3, and they immediately took a tour of the sights of Ukhta. Also, representatives of the Nakhchivan University met with the leaders of our city.

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Ukhta University takes part in a Russian-German Raw Materials Conference

USTU Rector, Nikolai Tskhadaya (Deputy Chairman of National Research and Educational Innovation and Technology Consortium of universities of mineral raw materials and fuel and energy complex) participated in the 7th Russian-German Raw Materials Conference in Dresden, from 1 to 3 April.

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It’s Time to Be Kinder

On March 31 a solemn opening of "Volunteer Week" was held at USTU. Such event is being held for the first time and is aimed at attracting attention of students to volunteer movements.

On the last day of March the warmest and kindest week - Volunteer Week started in Ukhta University. The opening was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere, as each of the heads of volunteer associations talked passionately about the activities of his/her areas.

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Theater Troupe Freski Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

A theatre week, dedicated to the anniversary of the theater - studio "Freski" of Ukhta State Technical University, finished on March 29 with a benefit performance "North Melpomene".

Stage director and actors finished a series of commemorative activities with a ceremony of Theatre Award "North Melpomene". This form of celebration allowed to recall all the performances of the troupe and actors engaged in it.

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XV Conference "Severgeoecotech - 2014" Began Its Work at USTU

On March 26, 2014, at Ukhta State Technical University, took place the opening ceremony of XV International Youth Conference "Severgeoecotech - 2014", dedicated to issues of social and economic development of the northern territories of Russia.

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USTU and the University of Novi Sad Have Signed a Protocol on Cooperation

On March 6, 2014 a ceremonial signing of the Protocol on long-term business cooperation between the "Mihajlo Pupin" Technical Faculty of University of Novi Sad and Ukhta State Technical University was held in USTU.

University of Novi Sad is a Serbian University, the second largest in the country. The university was founded in 1960. It includes 14 faculties, among them there is Mihajlo Pupin Technical Faculty, which is located in Zrenjanin (founded in 1986 on the basis of a Pedagogical Technical Faculty, established in 1974).

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Growth House Gave First Tulips for all Women

First, on Wednesday, on March 5, at the tulip house of "Planet University" sanatorium, fresh flowers were cut. Purple and gold tulips bloomed on the eve of March 8 in greenhouse of Ukhta University.

The Rector of the university, the initiator of the new agricultural project, Nikolai Tskhadaya paid special attention to this fact.

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