Future events

13.12.2017 to 08.03.2018 Barents Plus
22.09.2017 to 01.06.2018 English Club



The meeting with first year international students

On 11th October, 2016 in the main building of USTU there was the meeting with 1st yearstudents, arrived in our university from countries near and far abroad.

The questions directly related to the future life of students from abroad and the rules of their stay in the Russian Federation were discussed during the meeting.


Ukhta State Technical University 2016

Each year Ukhta State Technical University becomes bigger, stronger and more recognisable and gets more opportunities in all areas of student's life. Watch how the University looks like now at:



Learn Russia through USTU

Last Sunday, on 9th October, 2016, there was an event, which belongs to the Welcome Week, annually organized by the international department. Traditionally newly arrived international students as well as staff and trainees of the international department went to the recreational center at Krokhal, where guests from all over the world could really admire beauty of the northern nature and enjoy food cooked over an open fire.


The English Club. Return.

September is not only the month marking the beginning of the school year in Russia, but also the most suitable time to open new opportunities in terms of education. For example, on one of the last days of the autumn month, on 29th September, 2016, at 5 pm at the international department of USTU (office 321/1 "A") the English Club was re-launched.


USTU swimming pool

Soon the USTU infrastructure will be enlarged thanks to the construction of the swimming pool for students. It is planned to build by the end of 2016 next to the Mining and Oil College. The construction has been started since September, 2015. Even if the swimming pool is not ready yet, you can watch how it is being built 24 hours a day at: http://en.ugtu.net/swimming-pool


The preparatory course has begun!

The study year has just begun, and all students have already drowned into the learning process. If for Russian students it does not cause serious difficulties, for international students it is a tough trial. According the admission campaign more than 120 new international students will study at the university this year, among which about 20 people are from far abroad countries. The last mentioned ones arrived at USTU to study the Russian language at the preparatory course at the international department.


Internship at the International Department

Last Monday, on 19th September, 2016, there was an express interview among USTU students, who wanted to get an internship at the international department.