Nikolay Denisovich Tskhadaya was born on October 20th, 1950 in a Lower Domanik village of Ukhta region in Komi Republic. His father, Deonis Stepanovich, after graduating with honors at a philosophy major from an Educational Faculty of University of Tbilisi in 1926, worked as a director of the secondary school in Dusheti Georgian SSR. In 1937, D.S. Tskhadaya was sent to Domanik near Ukhta. After a while, Deonis Stepanovich became a director of human resource quality department of Yarega (village near Ukhta, which was the industrial center of that time). His mother, Erica Ottovna Lanih, was of a  German descent from the western Ukraine. After the Great Patriotic War in 1941, she was sent to Kazakhstan. After, Erica Ottovna was mobilized through the work movement to the city of Ukhta.

In 1968, N.D. Tskhadaya enrolled as a student of the Oilfield Faculty of Ukhta Industrial Institute, «Machinery and equipment of oil and gas fields» major. Among his teachers were Professors G. Panov, I.M .Ametov, V.I. Krupenskii, and academician A.H. Mirzadzhanzade. His thesis project Nikolay Denisovich wrote under the supervision of A.G. Bogatyryov. During his study years, N.D. Tskhadaya has contributed immensely to the social life of the University. He served as a deputy secretary of the Komsomol committee of the Institute as well as a chairman of the trade union committee. Nikolay Denisovich was behind the creation of a student volunteer construction movement of Ukhta Industrial Institute. In 1995 he was appointed as Vice-Rector of International Relations and Social Affairs of the Institute. After an election, conducted on a competitive basis in 1997, N.D. Tskhadaya was elected as rector of Ukhta State University.

While leading the University, Nikolaн Denisovich deeply engaged in science. He began his PhD studies at Moscow Gubkin Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry. In 1986 he completed his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences on the theme «The study of working conditions in the mine while utilizing oil thermo-alkali method of reservoir development.» After his dissertation in 1999 on «Complex assessment of oil mining impact on the environment and working conditions», N.D. Tskhadaya was awarded a Doctor degree in Technical Sciences. His dissertation included two specialties: «Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources» and «Labor protection». In 2000, Nikolay Denisovich was awarded a title of Professor. N.D. Tskhadaya is an author of numerous scientific papers and has a number of patented inventions. Nikolay Denisovich’s research undertakings are concentrated in systematic optimization of work conditions in underground coal-mining industry and the protection of ecosystems, and security of thermo-mining of heavy oil extraction method fields. The main issues are considered to be the labor safety, security of life, and environmental protection. The main scientific and scientific-technical achievements of oil scientist, N.D. Tskhadaya, are considered to be the developments in the new areas — a systems approach to safety in the oil mines, integrated assessment methodology for impact of oil mining on the environment, and the design of multi-channel pipeline of non-metallic materials for environmental safety of pipeline of oil mines.

Nikolay Denisovich is a member of the dissertation thesis board, for «Labor» specialities at the Russian Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, which is a part of Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Komi region union. He is a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Certifying Committee of Russian Federation and the chairman of the Dissertation Council of Ukhta State Technical University.

Nikolay Denisovich is an active member of the Academy of Public Industrial Ecology of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of social sciences, and the chairman of the regional branch of the Academy of Komi. As a sign of recognition for his authoritative achievements as a head of the USTU, Professor N.D. Tskhadaya was elected as a chairman of the Council of Rectors of the Republic of Komi in March 2004.

Within ten years, N.D. Tshadaya transformed the Institute into a major scientific training complex: opened new schools, and built new facilities. Under his leadership, a transformation of the institute into a University was successfully conducted and completed. Nikolai Denisovich’s energy, drive, intelligence, and charisma are the reason for a large number of University’s business partners in scientific, financial, and industrial circles. Colleagues rightly testify that throughout the years Nikolay Denisovich proved himself to be an energetic leader. Thanks to the rector’s efforts, the University has significantly expanded a spectrum of the specialties offered at which specialists are being trained, opened bachelor and master programs, and opened USTU branches in Vorkuta, Syktyvkar, and Usinsk, created Preparatory Faculty, an Institute of Advanced Training, and a Technical College. Ukhta State Technical University has become a center of information technology.

In 2007, the rector of the Ukhta State Technical University received an Award of the Government of the Russian Federation for the development of educational complex «Cycle of disciplines for the humanization of engineering education at oil field Universities.»