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Student ambassadors

Do you think of studying at Ukhta University, but you’d like to talk to a real student about their experiences in Ukhta? We have International Student Ambassadors from more than 10 countries - representing different academic backgrounds - who are willing to talk, answer questions, and share their experiences with you.

Our Student Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students from a broad range of backgrounds selected to represent Ukhta State Technical University to prospective students and help solidify intention to studying at university. They act as a link between the university and the outside community and use their own experiences to give people interested in university life an idea of what it is like to be a student.

Every year we rely on our enthusiastic and passionate Student Ambassadors to share their first-hand experiences of life at Ukhta State Technical University. Attending a variety of events and meeting prospective students, their friends and families, they provide a positive and authentic insight into University life. The group comprises of International students from more than 10 countries and are more than willing to assist or guide prospective students.

Meet our dedicated Ambassadors:


Home country: Ghana

Study program: Mechanical Engineering (Technological machines and equipment in oil and gas industry)

Why USTU? USTU is one the few technical universities in the Russian Federation that offers the best oil and gas education. I chose to study at USTU because of its history, prestige and connection to the industries.  

Living in Ukhta: The location and size of Ukhta makes it an ideal location for international students. Although it is quite a small city, you can always find something interesting to get busy with. In addition, it is quite an honor to study in a city where Russia’s first oil was discovered.

University culture: The USTU offer countless possibilities to International students to integrate into university life and the Russian society through numerous events. It was, personally, what helped me to assimilate quickly into my new environment during my first year. The support from the International office of USTU is remarkable.

Opinion about course taken: I chose to study Mechanical engineering because of its multi-disciplinary aspect and the wide range of career options. Studying Mechanical engineering at USTU gives students access to extraordinary facilities on vibrant campuses. In addition, the university has a strong relationship with companies across wide range of industries.

Tips for new students: An important advice for new and prospective students: Do not hesitate to ask any question relating to academic and professional opportunities. Seek council and advice when you need it. The International office is ready to assist you 24/7. I will also be glad to answer any questions regarding student life in Ukhta and Russia.


Home country: Nigeria

Study programme: Public relations and advertising

Why USTU? I decided to study abroad in order to experience new cultures and ideas, which has been something I’ve wanted to do in a long time, Europe was on the top of the list and Russia was the first country that popped into my head. I chose the USTU for a variety of reasons, but the big advantage that I saw was a degree they offered. Looking through the modules for BA Public Relations and Advertising degree on the website I noticed how balanced it is between two subjects. Choosing USTU has been a positive decision in my life so far.

Living in Ukhta: Ukhta might not be the biggest city in Russia but its inhabitants have the biggest hearts, they are always eager to help, they are friendly, lovely and fun loving. Ukhta city is a well-balanced city with a lovely landscape, modern infrastructure, has enough attractions to keep you occupied and study conscious.

Tips for new students:

  1. Strive to learn to learn the Russian language as fast and accurately as possible and you’ll enjoy your study period in Russia as a whole.
  2. Be open to new things and experiences
  3. Make as much friends as you can and you’ll feel less homesick.
  4. Make sure you go ice skating or skiing (it’s worth the thrill)
  5. Definitely try the Russian Cuisine


Home country: Zimbabwe

Study programme: Oil and gas engineering

Why USTU? After a long research, I found USTU to be one of the most suitable Universities for me. In my researches I searched for best oil and gas universities which offer ' Drilling engineering ', with strong connections and good reputation in Europe. This University found its place on the top of my list, meeting most of my requirements. 

Living in Ukhta. "A different language is a different vision of life" - Federico Fellini. Living in Ukhta, speaking Russian, has caused a dramatic change in my life. It is like seeing life from a different angle. People here are friendly and lovely. Ukhta is a small town and gets very cold during winters. Enjoying this town depends on how good one quickly adapts. I keep myself engaged in studies and extracurricular activities. Church is the best place for me when I am homesick or low in faith. So far, Ukhta is the most epic and amazing chapter of my life.

Tips for students.

  1. Learn and Master Russian language because a lot will depend on how good you are in it.
  2. Keep yourself occupied.
  3. Always be positive, there is beauty in everything and happiness is self-made.

Prospective students who want to contact one of our Student Ambassadors can do so only through the International office of USTU. The International office will attend to your queries at any time when possible on our website or through the following number: +79048648556 (WhatsApp or Telegram).