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Students' exchange

Application for exchange students

Dear students from other Universities! We're very glad to see you in Ukhta University as an exchange student. For more information, please, contact the International Department by email [email protected].

The academic exchange is a term generally referred to a student who takes courses outside home university within academic exchange programme. The exchange programs are run by partner universities on bilateral agreements which specify a number of exchange students per term, scholarships, accommodation options etc.

The advantages of studying on academic exchange programs are:

  • No tuition fee.
  • Financial support (scholarship, free accommodation) if provided in the academic exchange agreement with partner university.
  • Courses available in Russian.
  • Academic advisor and personal curriculum.
  • Certificate of academic achievement on completion of the program.
  • Visa support, campus and town orientation.
  • Buddy Pogramme.
  • Comfortable dormitory (a student who pays for accommodation according to academic exchange agreement can choose the type of the room beforehand and inform the choice to the coordinator).
  • Pick-up service upon arrival in Ukhta.


Courses for exchange students

As an exchange student, you create an individual study plan/learning agreement which should be approved by your home university before applying to USTU. If necessary, there will be a possibility to revise your initial course selection when you have arrived at USTU

Before selecting courses, please notice:

  • You should select courses of approx. 15-30 credits/ECTS per semester, which corresponds to full time studies in Russia.
  • At least 50 % of the courses should belong to the academic school you apply to.
  • Make sure you meet the prerequisites for each course (described in course description).
  • Language of instruction; courses on Master's and Bachelor's level are normally given in Russian language.

You can choose course from our catalogue: http://en.ugtu.net/degree-programs

Application deadlines

  • May 1 for studies/project work starting in September or later in the autumn.
  • November 31 for studies/project work starting in January or later in the spring.

If you have been nominated by your home university for exchange studies at USTU, please contact the International Department.

Application, step by step

  • Read the information about how to select courses before starting your application
  • Email to the International Department
  • You will receive an e-mail on how to proceed with your application
  • Prepare the following documents to be uploaded in the application:
    • Verified transcript of records, i.e. list of courses completed at your home university
    • Verified copy of valid passport/national ID-card/identity card with citizenship indicated
  • A recent photo
  • Upload a complete, signed and approved learning agreement listing your selected course