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Business Incubator

Building of a business incubator based on USTU with an area of ​​approximately 3000 m2, which is the first business incubator in Ukhta. Considering the geographically and historically formed priorities and dominants of development of the Komi Republic and USTU, with priority of oil and gas area we declare basic mineral resources orientation of a business incubator in its brand name "Motherland of the first Russian oil - Ukhta." It will be focused on the solution of innovative scientific and practical problems in the region: growing number of small businesses, increasing business innovation activity and stimulating of entrepreneurial behaviors among young people.

The business incubator is a system attribute of a high-tech technopark, space for innovative development of university science. It can be noted that the first stage of technopark is completed. Technopark is designed to organically combine a whole range of property assets, infrastructure and other projects, such as a business incubator, historical and ethno-industrial park "Ukhta is the Motherland of the first Russian oil", centers of collective use of scientific equipment, engineering and technology transfer, comfortable modern accommodation and etc.

1) Infrastructure. The decision about a construction of business incubator near the  USTU building “K” was made in 2012. For reference: business incubator is the organization, which supports young businessmen’s project startups at all stages of development: from elaboration of idea till its commercialization.

The building of business incubator have seven floors. The total area of all rooms is 2187 sq.m. There is a co-working center, 2 conference rooms for 50 and 150 seats, 4 meeting rooms, 32 office rooms, an exhibition area and a dining room.

2) Mission. Creation of the system consisted of three basic elements: enterprise community, training in business and targeted support to each participant of business incubator.

3) Target audiences. They are student youth (students of USTU including branches and colleges); businessmen and small business; investors; state structures; large companies and medium business; school youth.

4) Participants of the business incubator.

− A participant of business community is a prospective businessman or a beginner who hasn't decided on a type of business or has deficiency of information on creation of business.

− A resident of business incubator is an individual entrepreneur or a young company (not older than 3 years), which has passed through competitive selection (advisory council).

At the moment the general coverage of target audiences is: from offline activities more than 1800 people (apart from offside events) and more than 8000 Internet users that gave 35 projects of potential residents as a result.

For getting more volume of new residents it was decided to diversify concept into two types: internal and correspondence resident. Internal residents are individual entrepreneurs or young companies (not older than 3 years), which conduct their activity directly in business incubator. Correspondence residents are individual businessmen or young companies (not older than 3 years), which use services of business incubator on distance.

Thanks to the correspondence residence we solve issues of involvement into business incubation of our branches in the towns of Vorkuta and Usinsk easily, and other interested persons.

Advisory council of business incubator will carry out competitive selection. Generally council consists of the invited experts from the sphere of business with practical experience of conducting own business and partially from employees of USTU.

5) Services of the business incubator: granting of working space; maintaining accounts department; legal consultation; design and copywriting; internet marketing; search for investments; creation of a network of contacts; educational courses on business from the acting businessmen.

One of the most significant parts of the business incubator is a co-working area, where one can work efficiently and take a good rest. A short video about it is below.