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USTU Scientific Journals

Here is the list of online scientific journals of USTU:

The electronic scientific journal "Resources of the European North. Exploration technologies and economics". The journal was created for the publication of scientific research, opening up the development of technology and the economy of the northern regions in the following areas:

- Machine Building and Engineering;
- Computer science, computer facilities and management;
- Safety of person's activity;
- Economics;
- Earth Science;

The electronic scientific journal "Information Technologies in Management and Economics". The journal wass created for the publication of scientific researches, opening up the development of strategic information technologies, including the creation of supercomputers and software development.

The electronic scientific journal "Concept: Humanitarian Gazette of Ukhta State Technical University" publishes original articles, research papers and reviews of the following areas:
- Pedagogical sciences;
- Psychological sciences;
- Philosophy.

Four issues are published each year.