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Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries

Qualification: Bachelor of "Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries"

Short description: The study course provides versatile bachelor education for the "Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries", applying the necessary biological, technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the field. The study therefore includes an effective combination of core subjects technical subject (as Mathematics, Physics, Constructive (Descriptive) Geometry and etc.) and objects related to the biological nature of the object of study (Dendrology for Wood technology, Timber Chemistry and etc.).

Your future professional skills: Graduates have theoretical knowledge in technical application of mathematics, physics and chemistry in the branch of wood processing industry; also they have the necessary basic biological knowledge. They understand theories, concepts and methods, which relate to wood-working industry, services and business.

Career options: During problem and unpredictable solving, graduates proceed by professional way with innovative methods, instruments and supportive argumentation using and are able to get assistance from relevant and qualified specialists. They are able to use their knowledge to start and manage their own business venture or enterprise. 

Internship: Students pass industrial practices (internships) and educational practices in woodwork companies, research institutes, as well as in laboratories and university departments.

Reasons to study at Ukhta University: The Komi Republic is rich in timber resourсes, so USTU with its fields for practical work is a great place to study Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries.

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