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Our teachers

No lesson is possible without a teacher. But with an ambitious and experienced teacher, who can inspire their students, every lesson becomes fun! Let us introduce our teachers of the preparatory department.

Svirchevskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna

Teacher of Russian

Distinguished employee in elementary vocational education of the Russian Federation

Teaching experience: 35 years

Sangadzhieva Valentina Badmaevna

Teacher of Russian

Head teacher of Department of History and Culture

Teaching experience: 38 years

Rocheva Anzhela Vyacheslavovna

Teacher of Phonetics

Leading worker of USTU Museum

Teaching experience: 21 years

Prudnikova Olga Mikhailovna

Teacher of Mathematics

Assistant professor of Department of Further Mathematics

Teaching experience: 31 years

Zaikin Stanislav Fyodorovich

Teacher of Physics

Assistent professor of Department of Physics

Teaching experience: 50 years

Grigoriev Anton Nikolayevich

Teacher of Informatics and Computer Science

Teaching experience: 7 years