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The document which was issued in one country is recognized in another one if this document has been preliminary legalized. The legalization of the document on education is required almost invariably in case of presenting it to the official bodies of another state. It means that the document issued as an example in Russia is valid only within the territory of the Russian Federation, where the document can be fully used. But for presenting of this document to the authorities of the other state the legalization is needed. The legalization of any document is possible only within the territory of the country the document was handed or issued in.

There are two main types of document legalization - the Apostille and consular legalization. The choice of the legalization type in every case depends on the country of destination, the country to which authorities the document on education will be presented afterwards.

The Apostille stamping (sometimes this procedure is called "the simplified legalization" or "apostilling") is used to prepare the document for its further usage in the countries joined to the Hague Convention dd. October 5, 1961, which cancelled the demand for the diplomatic or notarial legalization of the foreign official documents and introduced the simplified legalization procedure - the Apostille stamping (the list of the countries you can find here).

Most probably you will meet the legalization of the documents on education twice: before your studies in Russia you have to legalize the document on education which you have now, after your successful graduation you will need to legalize the Russian Diploma to get the right to continue your education or to get a prestigious position in your native country or any other state of the world. Please think about legalization of the received Russian Diploma before departure form Russia! According to the Government resolution only the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service (Rosobrnadzor) is authorized to stamp the apostille on the official documents on education issued in the Russian Federation.

There are some examples of the Apostille and consular legalization below:

If the country where you are going after graduating from the Russian educational establishment is not a participant of the Hague Convention you will need to pass the consular legalization with your Diploma. This procedure is more complicated and includes certifying of the documents in the authorities of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federationthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and after that in the destination country consulate in the Russian Federation. The document passed this procedure is valid only within the territory of the country which consulate has made a stamp in it.

This legalization is carried out in three stages:

1. Certification of the document in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation bodies;
2. Certification of the document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation bodies;
3. Certification of the document in the consulate of the destination country.

Only after the document has passed the three mentioned above stages it is fully prepared for presenting to the official bodies of the country of destination.

Attention! In any case the most important source of reliable information is the final organization where the document will be presented. Please, clarify all the demands beforehand.

Please check if your educational documents need to have Apostille, consular legalization and recognition in the chart below.

Country Apostille Consular legalization Recognition Details
Algeria   +   Links
Angola   +   Links
Armenia +     Links
Azerbaijan +     Links
Bangladesh   +   Links
Belorussia +     Links
Bosnia and Herzegovina       Links
Botswana +   +  
Cambodia   +   Links
Cameroon   +   Links
China   +   Links
Colombia +     Links
Congo    + +  
DR Congo    + +  
Gambia   + +  
Ghana   +   Links
Greece +   +  
Egypt   + +  
Eritrea   + +  
Ethiopia   +   Links
India +     Links
Ivory Coast   + +  
Japan +   +  
Kazakhstan +     Links
Kenya   + +  
Kyrgyzstan +     Links
Latvia +   +  
Liberia +   +  
Libya   + +  
Lithuania +   +  
Morocco   + +  
Mexico +   +  
Moldova +     Links
Nepal   + +  
Nigeria   +   Links
Pakistan   +   Links
Philippines   + +  
Senegal   + +  
Serbia       Links
Sierra Leone   + +  
Slovakia +     Links
Sudan   + +  
Swaziland +   +  
Tajikistan +     Links
Turkey +   +  
Turkmenistan   +   Links
Uganda   + +  
Ukraine +     Links
USA +   +  
Uzbekistan +   +  
Republic of South Africa +     Links
Venezuela +     Links
Vietnam   +   Links
Zimbabwe   + +  

Source: Hague Convention (1961)