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Power and Electrical Engineering (master)

Qualification: Master of "Power and Electrical Engineering"

Profile: Electric Drive and Automatics

Short description: This program provides a progression point from undergraduate courses in the area of electrical engineering, and further development for suitably qualified individuals in the field of Power and Electrical Engineering.

Your future professional skills: This master's degree provides graduate students a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, and practice of electric power engineering.The program goal is to provide an education that is directly applicable to a career in industry and is suitable for a new or recent graduate, as well as experienced professionals who want to receive the necessary retraining to change careers.

Career options: This program aims to meet the growing demand for electrical power engineers in the energy, automotive, and process industries where graduates will be involved in the design and development of electrical systems, such as those found in hybrid vehicles, cooling systems and aircraft actuators etc. as well as the generation, distribution, regulation and conversion of electrical power. 

Internship: Students pass industrial practices (internships) and educational practices on Power and Electrical Engineering enterprises, workover, research institutes, as well as in laboratories and university departments.

Reasons to study at Ukhta University: Ukhta city is the Motherland of first Russian oil. There are many oil and gas companies.

Subjects to study:


Electric Drive and Automatics

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