Girls from Ukhta State Technical University’s  dance  club  «Nargiz» introduce the Middle Eastern vibe. Middle Eastern dance caught on at the university thanks to the enthusiasm of its founder, Eltsova Lyudmila, the first Head of «Nargiza». Since 2009, middle eastern dance ensemble is being led by Natalia Varfolomeeva and Carolina Yakumayte, who have earned many  certificates  among  which  is  a document  that  confirms  their  right  to teach Middle Eastern Dance.

Ensemble «Nargiz» is well-known and warmly received not only in Ukhta and Komi Republic, but also well beyond their home region. The team successfuly performs at international festivals and competitions. For example,  in  November  2012,  in St. Petersburg, at the prestigious International Festival of Oriental Dance «Al  Salam»,  “Nargiz”  dominated  its competition in six nominations without leaving the opponents a chance to win.