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Heavy oil and bitumen

Problems of development and exploitation of heavy oil and bitumen

Ukhta state technical university invites you to take part in annual international conference «Problems of development and exploitation of heavy oil and bitumen» which will be held in November in Ukhta. On conference authoritative Russian and foreign experts will present the reviews of achievements in the specified area. At the sectional sessions it is planned to discuss the questions on development of heavy oil deposits and bitumen, experimental methods of physical and chemical influence on development objects and field and main pipeline transfer. There will be round tables and discussions according to the most interesting reports.

For conference participants we will show the exhibition of USTU scientific achievements. We invite experts of the oil companies, research and applied institutes, the enterprises of an oil-and-gas complex in Russia and post-graduate students and students of higher educational institutions as well. We invite you to take part in the conference.

Conference will be carried out on sections:

  • Section 1. Technologies of fields development and production of high-viscosity oil and bitumen.
  • Section 2. Gathering, treating and transportation of oil.

The reports that reveal the problems of industrial safety and economic efficiency of manufacture and corresponding conference subjects and sections are also accepted.