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Physical Training

Qualification: Bachelor of "Physical Training"

Short description: If you’re interested in areas such as sport coaching, sport development, and elements of sport science then this course is an excellent choice for you. Enhancing your employability through work placements and internship opportunities is a key part of this course.

Your future professional skills: This program provides a co-ordinated program of study on a full basis in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition, and provides basic knowledge in the functions of the healthy human body at rest and during physical exertion.

Career options: Graduates of Physical Training can find a job in the sport and leisure sector such as in sports development, sports science support of athletes, health and fitness monitoring, physical activity promotion, and coaching, as well as into the teaching profession and other disciplines such as physiotherapy and commissioned officers in the armed forces.

Internship: Students pass industrial practices (internships) and educational practices in coaching at sport schools, sport centers, take part in competitions of local, regional and federal level.

Reasons to study at Ukhta University: Thanks to its fundamental basic USTU has developed around 45 sport types and released lots of sportsmen well-known in Russia.

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