Day of Oil and Gas industry Workers

The petroleum industry in Russia supported by such giants of oil & gas industry as Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil and others is one of the largest in the world. Russia has the largest reserves, and is the largest exporter, of natural gas. And as it has the second largest coal reserves, the eighth largest oil reserves, and is the largest producer of oil, the celebration of the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker is very popular.

Ukhta State Technical University can't stay apart from this event and takes part in the celebration as well. Yearly it's celebrated on the first Sunday of September. Usually it's filled with a great range of different activities such as the theatrical show how the first oil was found in Ukhta, a large parade with mass procession of university lecturers, workers and students and congratulations of the rector N. Tskhadaya.


Сhanged: 11 November, 2014 - 09:56