Name: Sukhorukov Alexander Nikolaevich

  Occupation: the member of Russian National Team in swimming, Merited Master of Sports of Russia, double world champion and world record-holder, multiple medalist of      European and Russian Championships, multiple record-holder of Europa and Russian. Nowdays he is preparing for Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

  Year of graduation: 2013

  Specialty: Economics




Name: Nesterenko Sergey Mikhailovich

Occupation: CEO “RN – North Oil”

Year of graduation: 1993

Specialty: Economics and Management in Fuel & Energy Complex






  Name: Degtyov Yuri Leonidovich

  Occupation: Director of the branch of Sosnogorsk gas refining plant “Gazprom pererabotka”

  Year of graduation: 1992

  Specialty: Oil & Gas Machines and Equipment






Name: Vitovich Elena Alexandrovna

Occupation: Head of the Ukhta branch bank “Petrocommerts”

Year of graduation: 1989

Specialty: Civil Building






  Name: Popov Alexander Nikolaevich

  Occupation: Head of Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) in the Komi Republic

  Year of graduation: 1979

  Specialty: Civil Engineering, Managing the personnel and suppliers

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