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UTime News

«UTime News» is an international information media cooperation project between Petroleum and Mineral-Resources Field Universities and Companies, created in April 2011, by the initiative of Ukhta State Technical University and NP "Alma Mater - UGTU", within the framework of the National Consortium of Petroleum and Mineral-Resources Field Universities and Companies. The project brings together media resources of engineering, oil and gas and mineral, economic and research universities, companies and TEK organizations of Russia, CIS and other countries. Official site of the project is www.utimenews.org.

As of now, the project members are: over 40 universities of Russian Federation and Former Soviet Union, as well as  over 58 companies of petroleum and mineral-resource complexes, including flagship and subsidiary branches of  JSC "Gazprom",  JSC "Transneft",  JSC "Oil Company Rosneft", JSC “Lukoil”, JSOC "Bashneft", "ALROSA" (JSC), JSC "Severstal", "Rusal " (JSC ), etc..

The main goals and objectives of the project are:

  • Creation of a common information space for engineering, oil and gas and mineral, economic and research universities (hereinafter - Universities), companies and organizations of Russia, CIS, Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific and other countries;
  • Promotion and involvement of young people in science and innovation throughout the world;
  • Promotion the integration of Universities in the world scientific and educational space, as well as information support of joint projects in education, research, innovation, sports, social and cultural sphere between the Universities;
  • Exchange of experiences between universities, companies and government organizations for educational and scientific process to create innovation and new developments;
  • New industry and other areas technologies and projects, international cooperation and initiatives for global development;
  • The mobilization of new partnership and resources for the development of Universities-Members, cooperation with business and government;
  • Building mutual understanding and establishment of international workers and creative contacts in intercollegiate, professional and youth in various fields, including business and government organizations

Main project activity:

  • Single electronic news portal for universities and companies on project website. This section contains materials from all project participants on predetermined subjects: Education and Development, Science and Innovation, Cooperation and Projects, Young Professionals, Information Technology, Social Services, and Special Report / Interview.
  • Joint infotainment television news program for universities and companies of the industry in Russian and English - unique in its nature. Since June 2013, this program has been broadcasted in Russian and English that allows the youth to demonstrate industry and future profession prospects and to talk about young professionals’ careers, as well as to talk about the implementation of large-scale innovative research projects and activities. The main objectives of the program are: the promotion of education, research and innovation cooperation; exchange of Energy projects experience in different countries; coverage of culture and sports that will serve to strengthen international friendship and understanding among nations. All issues of the program are broadcasted on plasma screens of the universities -members of the project, and it is expected to broadcast them on cable television in the cities where the project is implemented. The program issues are also available on the project website and on video sharing site Youtube.
  • Shared network database of innovative scientific projects conducted by partner universities. This section of the project is intended to inform potential partners from Russia and foreign countries only to the extent necessary information (without disclosing commercial secrets of the project) to find specific development partner, read its description, competitive advantage and decided to contact with the designated project manager in the application. Target audience databases are fuel, energy and mineral resources complexes, the curators of science and innovation universities and businesses, young professionals, graduate students, undergraduates, students are fond of science.
  • Information System "Personnel policies of world enterprises". This system is created for the students of universities, graduate schools, colleges, and enterprises as employers of all key regions of Russia and the world. In this section, you will find all companies and universities- participants of the project in the format of personnel policies information, job organization, success stories, best graduates of colleges, universities conducting the activity in the structure of companies, prioritize development of young professionals, as well as information on various kinds activities.
  • The "Young professionals’ Index-Rating System". The system will analyze and assess the achievements, will select the most talented and maturing university students from different parts of the two countries in six key areas. Thanks to it, specialized companies will be possible to obtain relevant information about the quality of learning and results of job applicants’ activity and select the best for the purpose of further attraction to work in the company.

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