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Ukhta State Technical University is a unique representative of Russian oil and gas universities and one of the largest technical higher education institutions of the European North of Russia. USTU is located in the Republic of Komi, in town of Ukhta - an industrial capital of this region. There is an advanced oil and gas industry and wood complex in our region. One of the distinguishing features of USTU is active work with strategic partners of the university in the industry including Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft and many other transnational companies. Ukhta University today can be ranked among the leading innovation platform of the mineral and raw material complex not only in Russia, but also in the world.

USTU offers an excellent academic experience that includes opportunities to put learning into practice among a diverse and welcoming international community. Explore programs, learn about admission requirements and begin building a personal, productive university experience. Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, seeking graduate studies or looking for the flexibility of part-time classes, we are dedicated to supporting personal growth while upholding academic excellence. Please, read more about the admission procedure here or contact the online support service.

About 15000 students (over 500 of them are international students from 30 countries of the far and near abroad are studying at USTU, including Kazakhstan, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Philippines and Azerbaijan amongst other countries.) study on 22 different specialties at our university: oil and gas, construction, forestry, information and communications technologies, economics, public relations, sports etc. For those foreign citizens who do not know the Russian language, the university offers to take a preparatory course in Russian as a foreign language.

We constantly take care of creating the most comfortable conditions for international students in our town and university: there are 12 comfortable dormitories, two sports complexes, a swimming pool, two educational and sports recreation centers, a ski base and many other facilities for international students. In 2016 a business incubator, where USTU students can get valuable knowledge and experience in the direction of business and entrepreneurship, was opened; a unique training ground, allowing to gain experience on the real equipment used in production; opportunities to do scientific and research work together with scientists from USTU and much more. There are more than 40 sports and 15 areas of cultural activities.

For questions about admission to USTU, please, contact the International Department 

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