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Translation Services

The International Department provides translation services to the public (including off-site organizations and individuals). Detailed terms of translation services showed in the Public Offer Agreement (in Russian website).

The main variants of translation, performed by the International Department of USTU:

  • translation of documents (including passports, certificates and other documents);
  • translation of scientific and technical texts;
  • medical translation;
  • translation of oil and gas texts;
  • translation of legal papers;
  • translation of accounting documents;
  • translation of marketing and business texts;
  • translation of texts for energy companies;
  • translation of project documentation;
  • translation of books.

Service Fee:

800 rubles/ a page (not more than 1800 symbols in a page)

Languages for translation:

  • Russian;
  • English;
  • French.

Exposition documents:

  1. The customer provides a soft copy of the text to be translated (by e-mail: [email protected]);
  2. USTU, in response, provides a calculation of the translation services fee, as well as service time frame (in accordance with the Public Offer Agreement);
  3. The customer pays the amount online in accordance with the details provided by USTU calculation (to speed up the start of the translation process, a copy of the payment receipt should be sent by e-mail). The fact of payment means the total and unconditional acceptance of the Public Offer Agreement for translation services.
  4. Only after receipt of funds to the USTU bank account we start translating material provided;
  5. A soft copy of the translation will be sent by e-mail to the recipient. A hard copy of the translation can be obtained from the International Department (on a hard copy there is the signature of translator, as well as the stamp of the International Department).

Notary certification of translation: if you need notary certification of the translation (the translator's signature), it should negotiate beforehand. In this case, all notary services and related services are paid by the customer. The process of obtaining notary certification of translation is not included in the Public Offer Agreement.