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Safety Measures when snow melts

Icicles and heavy sheets of ice are forming on roofs in Russia as snow melts and refreezes. So it is especially dangerous to be close to buildings at that time. Being in dangerous areas people can get  injured or even killed by snow or icicles falling  from roofs.

To avoid such situations one must know the following safety regulations:

  • try not to walk under the eaves or balconies. It’s better to choose a longer way, than go under any overhang where the icicles or snow boulders can form;
  • when you are going to enter any building look up and check that nothing is going fall on you from above;
  • if while walking on the sidewalk you hear a suspicious noise at the top - you mustn't stop, raise your head and examine what happened. Perhaps snow or ice blocks may fall. You mustn't run away from the building either, you need to lean on the wall as quickly as possible, entrance roof overhang will serve as a shelter;
  • in windy weather try to avoid walking at all, but if it is not possible try not to approach too close to buildings.

Watch the video about snow falling from a roof:

Read the article about a young woman killed by icicle falling from a roof at: http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/news/n0158-tragedy-as-young-woman-killed-by-icicle-falling-from-roof/