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Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) is a representative of oil and gas Universities in Russia. It is the largest technical University in the European North of the Russian Federation. USTU is located in the Komi Republic, in the town of Ukhta - an industrial capital of this region. About 15000 students (over 500 of them are international students from 30 countries) study in 23 different programs at our university. 

There is an advanced oil and gas industry and wood complex in our region. USTU cooperates with all leading corporations of Russia (oil&gas, geology, mining, forest, building and other industries). Our university works with the leading Russian oil and gas companies and their branches in the region: "Gazprom", "Transneft", "Rosneft", "Lukoil" and others. There are more than 100 modern laboratories with unique equipment in different buildings of Ukhta University's campus. In USTU we develop 12 research schools, design&project institute of oil&gas industry and many other facilities. We have projects and researches in new technologies for all leading enterprises of oil&gas and other industries of Russia. Every year students from USTU and the whole region receive an opportunity to work during summer holidays, join different teams of the Regional student construction union.

The University was founded on the basis of the Ukhta Industrial Institute (the Institute was founded in 1967). By this time, more than 25000 engineers and economists had graduated in oil, geology, building, timber industry and other majors. After the successful attestation on  April 14, 1999, the Institute was granted a status of a State University.

Alumni — our engineers became mayors and ministers, heads of educational establishments, enterprises, and banks. Around 500 instructors and scientific workers teach at The University. Among them are 53 Professors with Doctors of Science and 213 Associate professors. 

Scientific research is activity carried out by teachers, postgraduate students, and undergrads of the University directly during the educational process as well as in 13 scientific pedagogical schools. Scientific potential of the staff is used in many scientific industrial innovation centers.

Every year, more than 15 scientific conferences and seminars are being held at The University on regional, Russian wide and international levels. Every year, almost half of The University students take part in scientific forums at their own University as well as at other Russian Universities. In the post graduate courses of the University candidates and competitors study 23 professional education specialities. Two specialized councils are available to uphold candidate and doctor dissertations in three technical specialities. Also, regional departments of the Russian Academy of Science and Academy of Industrial Ecology function at the University.

The University has a ground fiber-optic Wi-Fi communication and a fully functional global internet network access center. The University disposes the corporative computer system with the fiber optic trunk, which consolidates all faculties, sub-faculties and University departments and is  based on Internet technologies. The University Centre of distance education makes necessary methodical and studying information available for off-campus students without them having to leave their homes. In Ukhta, the University has over 15 study laboratory buildings, 14 student dormitories, sport and leisure complex «Burevestnik», a hockey stadium, three canteens and refreshment rooms in different buildings, a medical room, a studying geodesic base, and the recreation complex «Krokhal», which is 15 km away from Ukhta. There are also two alpine skiing routs (a summer and a winter ones) in Ukhta and in the Urals, a studying oil rig and a studying experimental forestry.

A scientific and technical library with its branches is one of the biggest in the Republic of Komi. It provides manuals, scientific, and methodical literatures; it also has 5 reading rooms in training buildings and an electronic catalogue. The University has publishing and printing facilities where the newspapers «Polytechnic», «Alma Mater», «PRofkom», analytic newspaper «Concept», and the image magazine are published.

The University cooperates with educational establishments of post-soviet region, in particular, in Azarbaidjan (Azarbaidjan State Oil Academy, Nakhichevan State University), Belarus (Belarus State Technological University), universities of Kazakhstan (South-Kazakhstani State University named after M.Auezov and others). The USTU also has fruitful relations with the University of applied science in Regensburg and Technische Universitaet  Bergacademie Freiberg, Germany; University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valenсia, Spain; Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal; Bodo University College, University of Nordland and Arctic University of Norway; Oulu University and Savonia University of Applied Science, Finland; and Technical University of Ostrava in Czech Republic. Special attention requires the cooperation between the USTU and Serbian higher education institutions which include the University of Novy Sad. The USA also belongs to  the USTU international contacts: among them there are the Duquesne University in Pittsburg, Princeton University, and the University of West Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from ordinary university cooperation treaties, the USTU also signs contracts with commercial and research funds, for example, German foundation "Europa Student project"; Romual Del Bianco Foundation, Florence, Italy; Ramboll Storvik Company in Norway and others.

The University has close ties with all gas and oil producing enterprises of the Republic of Komi and also with mining, timber, and building industries of Russia. The main benefit of such collaborations is a well-qualified specialist training.

At the University there are  different types of student cooperation activities: student theatre «Phresky», ballroom dance groups «Nezhnost» and «Duet», modern dance group «United Bit», eastern dance club «Nargiz», vocal group, Poets club, Tourist club, more than 44 sport groups and sections.

University traditions: Annual student holidays — «Student Matriculation», «Freshmen Day», «Faculty day»; Competitions — «Teacher of the Year», «Best hostel» , «Best student group»; Sports memorial in the honor of G. V. Rassokhin; Russian ball dance Championship «Russian Student Ball», open bard song festival and others.