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If you are thinking of having an internship at Ukhta State Technical University, you need to learn the following information properly in order to have a full picture of it.

WHAT is an internship?

Among numerous definitions of an internship, we would choose this one: an internship is the transition from study to work and is a necessary component in order to develop student’s skills, making them more advanced and diligent when they finally have the opportunity to be a part of the working world.

WHO should intern?

A student of USTU Partner-University can be offered a possibility of internship at Ukhta University.

WHY to intern?

In an internships you can apply academic knowledge, develop competencies for careers and community service, explore career options and gain field experience, and earn credit towards graduation. Your advisor and internship coordinator can assist you.

WHERE to intern?

At Ukhta University, of course! You can get an internship in one of our institutes.

HOW to get an internship?

First of all, you need to fill in the online application form at: http://en.ugtu.net/apply-now

After that you will have to follow the regular application process and send us a request ([email protected]) for internship with the description of your field of study, educational background and your wishes concerning the research field at USTU. Having received those documents, we will try to find you an advisor.

WHEN to intern?

Internships can happen for the entire year. Be mindful of your schedule, manage your time well, and plan ahead — and you'll find that an internships can be done anytime!