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Ukhta State Technical University aims to be a leading centre of research expertise and dissemination of research findings in its strategic areas:

Strategic area


Development and perfecting techniques and technologies of rational forest resources in a climate of the Far North N. O. Burmistrova
Theory and metodology of further education in technical university O. A. Sotnikova
Physical-mathematical modeling in the Earth Sciences A. I. Kobrunov
Automation, control and identification in complex process systems Z. Kh. Yagubov
Well drilling in European North of Russia V. F. Buslaev
Topical issues of formation, prediction, exploration and development of hydrocarbon reservoir in Timano-Pechorskaya province A. I. Diyakonov
Mashines, equipment and processes in oil and gas extraction in a climate of the Far North I. Yu. Bykov
Emerging economy: economical, social and institutional changes V. V. Kayukov
Better life safety in a climate of European North N. D. Tskhadaya
Experiments and computer modeling of physical-mechanical systems within continuum mechanics I. N. Andronov
Regional minerageny and geochemistry O. S. Kochetkov
Exploitation of oil and gas fields A. Kh. Mirzajanzade
Radiometric and electromagnetic methods of inspection oil and gas extraction and transportation facilities E. I. Krapivskiy, V. O. Nekuchaev
Development of high-viscosity oil and bitumen fields L. M. Ruzin

As well as making an important contribution to the body of knowledge, research and development at Ukhta State Technical University contributes to the constant improvement of academic programmes at the university. Research is carried out and supported in all the thematic areas covered by the university's bachelor, master and PhD degree programmes. Research activities at USTU are recognised at international level, while also continuing to satisfy the demand for research relevant at regional and national levels.

The aim of research and development at USTU is to continue and strengthen proactive participation in national and international research networks and projects and to foster research at a high scientific level. The university’s researchers publish in relevant research journals and the university promotes the exchange of research and academic staff members with internationally recognized institutions and organizations.