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Qualification: Bachelor of "Construction (Civil Engineering)"

Short description: 

Civil engineers plan, design, construct, operate and maintain roads, bridges, dams, water supply schemes, sewerage systems, transportation systems, harbours, canals, dockyards, airports, railways, factories and large buildings.

Your future professional skills: 

  • Civil engineers may perform the following tasks:
  • investigate sites to work out the most suitable foundation for a proposed construction
  • research and advise on the best engineering solution to meet with a client's needs and budget
  • produce detailed designs and documentation for the construction and implementation of civil engineering projects
  • organise the delivery of materials, plant machinery and equipment needed for the construction project and supervise labour
  • develop detailed programs for the coordination of site activities
  • talk to other engineers, architects, landscape architects and environmental scientists
  • assist government bodies in preparing yearly works programs within set budgets (e.g. for works on car parks, drainage, roads, aerodromes or sewerage)
  • prepare engineering calculations required for the design of projects and supervise the drafting
  • operate computers to assist with the design of civil engineering projects
  • coordinate and direct research development and testing of materials, processes or systems related to civil engineering works
  • research, advise on and plan the control and minimisation of air, water and solid waste pollution, and the management of water
  • supervise the testing and commissioning of completed works
  • analyse and interpret reports on loading, labour, productivity, quality, materials and performance
  • analyse risks associated with natural disasters including wind, earthquake, fire and floods, and design structures and services to meet appropriate standards
  • arrange for geological and geophysical investigations and carry out feasibility studies.

Career options: Our degree prepares you for a wide range of varied careers: Geotechnical/Soil Engineer, Highway Engineer, Hydraulic/Water Resources Engineer, Irrigation/Drainage Engineer, Materials and Testing Engineer, Pipeline Engineer, Structural Engineer and etc.

Internship: Students pass industrial practices (internships) and educational practices on drilling, oil and gas enterprises, workover, construction fields, research institutes, as well as in laboratories and university departments.

Reasons to study at Ukhta University: A fast development of construction area in the Komi Republic needs more specialists who are able to adopt for changes in construction industry.

Water Supply, Drainage and Sewage

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Industrial and Civil Construction 

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 Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

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