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Government Scholarship


Ukhta State Technical University is pleased to invite international students seeking admission to our university to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship Program. Education of foreign citizens within the Quota Scholarship Program will be implemented at the expense of allocations from the federal budget of the Russian Federation and includes covering all tuition fees, part of the living expenses and a monthly scholarship (about 3000-7000 RUR a month) during their studies in Russia. The scholarship does not cover your daily expenses in Russia (food,  transportation, clothing etc) and tickets to/from Russia.

Requirements for candidates: high level of knowledge (i.e. the applicants should have advanced level of secondary education certificate good marks in basic subjects), an applicant should be of sound health and have no contraindications for living in the climatic conditions of Russia, should undergo a thorough medical check-up and test HIV and AIDS negative.

Every international student who wants to take part in the Government competition for a scholarship can do it online at: https://russia.study/en

Step by step scheme:

1. Open the web site: https://russia.study/en

2. Log in and submit an application form online.

3. Fill in all the required information.

4. Choose the program you would like to study and up to 6 target universities. If you want to study at our University, you should put Ukhta State Technical University on the first line in the online application form.

5. Attach your scanned documents such as documents confirming subsequent educational levels including transcript of records; medical certificate; certificate of HIV and AIDS negative test results; passport pages containing information required for study visa, valid for at least 18 months from the start date of the entry student visa; other relevant documents (diplomas; international, national and other academic contest certificates).

6. Wait till your application is approved.

7. Pass a competitive selection in your country and get an opportunity to study in Russia with scholarship.

8. Get your student visa and arrive in Russia.


  • In case if a foreign citizen doesn’t speak the Russian language, he/she can get admission to the Russian language course in capacity of attendee with state academic scholarship during all period of study despite academic records. Period of study - 1 academic year.
  • Transport and insurance fees are to be paid at the student expenses. Student arrived to the territory of the Russian Federation is obliged to buy a certificate of medical insurance (about 5 000-10 000 RUR per year). The scholarship does not cover your daily expenses in Russia (food,  transportation, clothing etc).