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International students at USTU

There are over 500 international students from over 30 countries. Short information and presentation about advantages of study at Ukhta University you can find at: http://en.ugtu.net/admission

Jose Massunga, Ukhta State Technical University

Name: Jose Massunga

Citizenship: Angola

Programme: Oil and Gas Enginering (Master)

Year of study: 2

For my study I have chosen Russia, because I repeatedly heard about advantages to study in Ukhta and popular specialties which one can get after graduating from Ukhta State Technical University (USTU). Of course, there are difficulties during study, but my teachers and group mates always give me a hand. After graduating from USTU I am going to apply for Master’s Degree and stay living in Russia.

I’ve got a very busy life in Ukhta. I found a common language with local guys as well: we often gather together for having fun or playing football. Nevertheless I don’t forget about my traditions and hobbies: I teach dancing in the club called “Kizomba”. Also in collaboration with the International Department of USTU I organized portuguese club. Local people of Ukhta like trying something new in dancing, so it’s a great pleasure to teach them dancing.

I would like to tell young people who are at the stage of choosing their future university there is an excellent study basic, good lecturers and lots of opportunities for self-realization in USTU, Russia.



Name: Chirinda Mufaro Madanha

Citizenship: Zimbabwe

Programme: Oil and Gas Engineering

Year of study: 1

My first impression of Russia was a cold weather and that no one speaks English. Travelling by plane from Moscow to the Komi Republic, I was only one black skinned person on board. At first I didn’t feel quite comfortable, but people around me didn’t let me feel different. They were so friendly and everyone tried to help me. Even if they couldn’t express everything they wanted to with words in English, their hand language was enough for me to understand.

My first travel to Russia was courageous for me: a new country, new people, new culture, difficulties in communication. The only words I have learned before my trip were “Хорошо” and “Спасибо”.

In Russia I saw snow for the first time in my life. Now my dream is to make a snowman. I believe this dream and lots of others will come true very soon!


Name: Lakhani Owaise

Citizenship: India

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Year of study: 2

After landing at the Moscow airport and looking at the Russian landscape with my own eyes, the ground covered with much snow seemed cloudy blanket with small islands of land to me. I saw the snow before, but so much – it was my first experience!

Many people say that it is very cold in Russia. Yes, it is true, but, for example, the temperature -10 degrees is quite comfortable for me. Maybe it is because I have Russian roots – my ancestors were born in Bokhara (Uzbekistan). In addition, I can’t say that I have a hard time learning the Russian language. The reason for that is my native language – Urdu, which is as difficult as Russian is.

To tell the truth, the study in Russia wasn’t my only one option. I was also thinking of going to Germany and Japan. Everywhere the conditions were almost similar. Luckily, the final decision came quickly. Your University responded my enquiry faster than other did. That’s why I’m in Ukhta now. I should add that people here are extremely friendly and secretly curious. I can read much interest in their eyes when they see me, but only some of them dare to come up to me and start the conversation.


Name: Kanat Naurzbaev

Citizenship: Kazakhstan

Programme: Construction

Year of study: 3

At school I was fond of music and science. Not to say that I was an excellent student, because I had a large number of unsatisfactory marks. I have never asked myself, where to go for my further study and what I want to become? At that time I didn't think about study at another city or even another country at all. Well, my only one dream was to join a music band.

But at the end of the school year  I heard two friends of mine wanted to go to the northern Russian town called Ukhta. Later I learned something about the Ukhta University and about that fact that the town of Ukhta is the birthplace of the first Russian oil, etc. I set my sights on study in Russia too. My parents didn't mind me to go to Ukhta, otherwise, they even supported my decision, and I appreciate it a lot. Right now I live in the student hostel and have everything necessary for my living. I really like the town I live in and study!


Name: Strahinja Divnic

Citizenship: Serbia

Programme: Oil and Gas Engineering (Master)

Year of study: 2

I am a second year student of Oil and Gas Engineering (Master degree), I study development and operation of oil and gas fields. I got a chance to study at Ukhta University thanks to the grant received from Gazprom. At first I had to get used to new schedule at the university, because the academic year in Serbia begins since October. I quickly got acquainted with my fellow students and lecturers, and realized that all of them are friendly to me and ready to support. After graduation from the university I plan to return to Serbia and start my career there.




Name: Tamang Man Bahadur

Citizenship: Nepal 

Programme: Information Systems and Technologies

Year of study: 3

Why USTU? Well, 8 years ago my uncle trained to be a programmer, and advised me to do it here. So I arrived at Ukhta for getting a good education.

At the moment I am studying Information Systems and Technologies. The programming comes easy to me, and also I am fond of mathematics, physics and algorithms. But sometimes it is difficult to understand that teachers say at lessons. Usually after the lesson is over, I just come up to them, and they help me in everything. My classmates are receptive to me too.

I love Russia. Here I saw snow for the first time in my life. The place, where I live, there is snow only in the mountains.

I suppose there are all conditions for comfortable stay of students in Ukhta.