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Artic Bridge

ArticBridge: Cooperation on PhD Education and Research Training in the field of Management of Extractive Industries in the High North

The main goal of the project is to strengthen Norwegian-Russian knowledge cooperation in the field of management of extractive industries in the High North between the institutions in the existing network. This will be done by establishsing and running an International PhD programme in Management of Arctiс Extractive Industries. This joint research training programme will strengthen the partnership within the areas of petroleum, climate and energy, sustainable use of resources as well as business development.

The project specific tasks:
1. to develop a Norwegian-Russian cooperation model in international PhD education in accordance with the Bologna principles
2. to implement a joint research training programme in Russian institutions step by step
3. to establish PhD Education Board which will secure quality of joint research training programme
4. to raise attractivness of graduate and post-graduate studies in the High North and promote long-term academic cooperation between Norway and Russia 
5. Networking including authorities and enterprises and dissemination of project results

Supported by Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)