Barents Plus

13.12.2017 to 08.03.2018

Barents Plus - Scholarship program for institutions of higher education in the Norwegian and Russian Barents.

About the program

The Barents Plus program promotes the development and strengthening of cooperation in the field of education and research between the Norwegian and Russian sides of the Barents Region. Through the mutual exchange of teachers and students, the program contributes to raising the level of knowledge about the culture and history of the participating countries and establishing personal contacts.

Who can apply?

Students and Teacher of Ukhta State Technical University.

Student exchange

Students are awarded a scholarship for internships in educational institutions of the Barents region for a period of 4 weeks to the full academic year.

Scholarship amount: russian students in Norway 7,000 kroons per month      

Teacher exchange

Teachers can receive a scholarship for a period of up to six months. The internship should be related to teaching, teaching material, methodology, etc. The internship can also be linked to a specific integrated learning activity at a partner university. The application must clearly reflect the form and scope of the activity.

Scholarship amount:

  • 1 week: NOK 10,000;
  • 2 weeks: NOK 12,500;
  • 3 weeks: NOK 15,000;
  • 4 weeks: NOK 17,000.

Application deadline

Deadline for submitting an application to the international department from students and teachers of USTU – 15th March (however, due to the need to prepare documents, the deadline for submission of documents is 8th March).

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