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Ukhta State Technical University is pleased to invite international students seeking admission to our university in 2016 to apply to Russian Quota Scholarship Program. Education of foreign citizens within the Quota Scholarship Program will be implemented at the expense of allocations from the federal budget of the Russian Federation and includes covering all tuition fees, part of the living expenses and a monthly scholarship (about 3000 RUR) during their studies in Russia.

Requirements for candidates: high level of knowledge (i.e. the applicants should have advanced level of secondary education certificate good marks in basic subjects), an applicant should be of sound health and have no contraindications for living in the climatic conditions of Russia, should undergo a thorough medical check-up and test HIV and AIDS negative.

Since 2016 every international student who wants to take part in the Government competition for a scholarship can do it online by applying at

If you prefer applying by hard copies, just follow the instructions below.

Step by step scheme:

  1. Fill in online form on our website.
  2. Choose educational program/specialty.
  3. Prepare a list of required documents (including application form) for admission and choose up to six educational organizations in Russia for future study. You have to put Ukhta State Technical University on the first line in the application form p. 25 if you want to study at our University.
  4. Go to the Russian Embassy or representative office of the Rossotrudnichestvo in your country with necessary documents.
  5. Apply for the scholarship in the Russian Embassy or representative office of the Rossotrudnichestvo.
  6. To pass an interview, testing or competition at the Embassy (if it is necessary, it depends from Embassy. You should specify this in the Embassy).
  7. Wait for the result chosen by the Ministry of Education and Science and screened by the Rossotrudnichestvo.
  8. You will get further instructions from the representatives of the Embassy or our university if you get the scholorship. Anyway you always can contact us by email anytime.

For more detailed assistance interested candidates are asked to contact USTU International Office. Also, please, keep us in touch through email about the process.

List of required documents:

  1. Application Form with an attached colour photograph; NOTE: If you want to study at Ukhta University, you should put its name on the first line in the application form p. 25.
  2. Copies of documents confirming subsequent educational levels including transcript of records;
  3. Medical certificate issued by the official authority of the candidate residence country;
  4. Certificate of HIV and AIDS negative test results issued by the official authority of the candidate residence country;
  5. Copies of passport pages containing information required for study visa, valid for at least 18 months from the start date of the entry student visa (clearly readable pages containing the setting data for invitation);
  6. Other relevant documents (diplomas; international, national and other academic contest certificates). 
  7. For admission to PhD programs: abstract in Russian or English language; list of publications.



  • If documents of the foreign candidates are not translated into the Russian language, not notarized, not meet the requirements or provided by the candidates without affirmed procedure, they will not be accepted to consideration. You can translate and notarize your documents in the Embassy.
  • In case if a foreign citizen doesn’t speak Russian language, he/she can get admission to the Russian language course in capacity of attendee with state academic scholarship during all period of study despite academic records. Period of study - 1 study year.
  • Transport and insurance fees are to be paid at the student expenses. Foreign student arrived to the territory of the Russian Federation is obliged to buy a certificate of insurance (about 5000 RUR per year).



  1. Code and name of chosen educational program/specialty are to correspond to the list of codes and names.
  2. Upon arrival the foreign students must have a passport, which must be valid at least for 18 months from the start date of the entry student visa, original educational certificates with transcripts, medical certificate of overall health condition including HIV + AIDS certificates and 7 photo of 4x6 size.
  3. The foreign students are recommended to be properly equipped (regarding climate conditions of the study region) and to have cash amount for arrival expenses.  
  4. The foreign students must pay all expenses of airport meeting, transfer and medical insurance on the territory of the Russian Federation (approx. 250 USD – meeting and transfer, and approx. 250 USD annually – medical insurance).
  5. In accordance with the Migration Legislation of the Russian Federation the foreign students are obliged to arrive not later than 35 calendar days before an entry visa expires.
  6. Receiving educational organizations do not take obligations for arrival and stay in the Russian Federation of relatives and families of the foreign citizens admitted to studies.

List of approved candidates will be compiled by Rossotrudnichestvo by the following dates:

by March 1st, 2015 
by April 1st, 2015 
by May 1st, 2015 
by June 30th, 2015 
by July 15th, 2015 
by August 15th, 2015 
CIS, Baltic states, Abkhazia, South Ossetia 
North, Latin America, Europe 
Africa, Middle East, Asia 
Iran, Djibouti 
Oman, Palestine, Jordan


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