Video conference with French IFPTraining Company

On the 12th of February, at the international department of USTU, took place a video conference with a French company IFP Training, which specializes in professional training and education in oil and gas fields.

Partook in negotiations Marc Ganier, director of IFP Training development department, Loic Du Rusquec, vice president of IFP Training Development department, Korshunov G.V., vice rector of administrative and external affairs, Grigoriev A.N., head of international department, and Yakovleva A.Y., international affairs coordinator.

Discussed at the meeting were topics of potential cooperation in the areas of joint master degree programs, international student/teacher exchange programs, collaborating on development of training stimulators, and research in oil and gas field. At the end of February, there are plans to set up an in person meeting between USTU and IFP Training representatives in order to discuss in detail partnership development.

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05