Boot camp

On September 27, at the camp "Krokhal", more than 80 freshmen of Geological Research Faculty of USTU became protagonists of traditional sports and psychological training "Ropes Obstacle Course".

Basic skills of ropes course are skills of teamwork, raising the efficiency of interaction and emotional cohesion of freshmen. This event has its peculiarity, its intrigue and patriotism.

After freshmen divided into 5 groups and selected the captain of the team, they spread out on the woodland of the camp site. They had to pass some competitions. The main rule of the competitions "log of trust", "pendulum", "net" and "labyrinth" was in silence. Only the captain had the right to speak. More than two hours, under the watchful eye of senior students, students practiced in creativity, leadership and ability to make quick decisions. After all the competitions the guys went to the tent to check its capacity, as a result, 24 students got into a 4 bed tent.

"Ropes Obstacle Course is usually held in military establishments, it is a kind of training for new recruits, Natalia Demchenko, Dean of Geological Research Faculty, says. The teams learn to make decisions, develop tactics with the risk and the sea of sensations, but still this training is needed to join the team and identify a leader. Main objective of this course has been reached and all students achieved success together".