Jari Lahtinen: "USTU and Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) mash well together"

For a week, USTU students had the opportunity to talk with a principal lecturer, licentiate of Technology, Naval Architecture Ship laboratory Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Environment and Business of Turku University of Applied Science (Finland), Jari Lahtinen.

Recall that in May this year USTU joined the universities participants of the program FIRST (Russian- Finnish student exchange program). The purpose of this program is to develop student and faculty exchanges. The program is funded by the Ministry of Education of Finland. It is because of this program foreign guest could visit our university.

At a meeting with the Vice-Rector for Administrative and External Relations Affairs Chief of Executive Staff, Georgy Korshunov, they discussed the prospects of cooperation between the two northern universities. According to Georgy Vladimirovich the location of the universities in the northern circumpolar belt, the northern nature of the region’s economy are only a small of benefits for effective cooperation in the international exchange of students and professors.

Jari Lahtinen gave lectures in two directions. The first classes were designed for a broad audience, the lecturer told the students, graduate students and university staff about the education system in Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, where he has been teaching for more than ten years, about specialties and areas of training, as well as about the opportunities for academic and scientific exchange. The second part of the lectures was devoted to the shipbuilding for Arctic conditions and the exhaust gas purification in ships.

The University administration organized a meeting of Finnish lecturer with the heads of departments concerned with environmental management, safety and environmental protection, to discuss possible joint international projects in the field of energy conservation in view of the northern climatic conditions, the protection of the environment. The professors shared their ideas, outlined the ways, where they should develop their work and share know-how and research between the universities.

During a visit foreign guest was conducted a number of sightseeing tours to memorable places of Ukhta, halls, named audiences and USTU history museum, which is rich in a variety of interesting and unique samples. Jari Lahtinen also visited the staff training center of LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta", where he was told and demonstrated the principles of the distribution station, the blower, and linear part of the gas pipeline. Representative of the Finnish University was showed the film, which details and consistently shows the cycle of transporting gas to consumers.

At a meeting with USTU rector, Professor Nikolai Tskhadaya, Jari Lahtinen shared his impressions of the trip, and Ukhta University in general.

This trip was interesting and useful for me. At our meetings USTU students have expressed their interest asking questions and expressing their thoughts and ideas on the topics. Such a lively interest of the audience is something that lecturers should strive to. Your University has rich material and technical base, professional staff and active students. I think that the cooperation between our universities will be fruitful.

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05