Horizontal Drilling: a View from Texas

The Timan-Pechora professional section's SPE program «Distinguished Lecturers» remains operational in Ukhta State Technical University.

On Thursday, January 16, a lecture of American scholar and professor, the leading specialist of «Halliburton Fellow (Drilling)» Dr. G. Robello Samuel was held in the physics lecture-hall.

In the presentation titled "Technological Advancements to Meet Drilling Challenges in High Angle and Horizontal Wells," Dr. Samuel Robello stated that with the advancement of mining technology the number of horizontal wells since the mid 2000s is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that in such wells it is much easier to control the process of oil and gas extraction and prevent various malfunctions and breakdowns.

However, the growth of "popularity" of horizontal and directional drilling has brought to life a number of problems that all companies extracting the minerals are sooner or later pressured to solve. The chief of these, according to the American lecturer, is preserving the integrity of the well and prevention of the wellbore and drilling equipment wear in the process of well pad and extraction itself.

During the lecture, Dr. Samuel Robello elaborated on modern techniques and tools that minimize the wear and horizontal drilling accidents. After the presentation, the American invited guest lecturer answered questions of the USTU students.


G. Samuel Robello is a PhD and MS in petroleum engineering, the leading specialist of «Halliburton Fellow (Drilling)» (USA, Texas). Scientist, professor and author of over 100 scientific publications, guidelines and books.