Theater Troupe Freski Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

A theatre week, dedicated to the anniversary of the theater - studio "Freski" of Ukhta State Technical University, finished on March 29 with a benefit performance "North Melpomene".

Stage director and actors finished a series of commemorative activities with a ceremony of Theatre Award "North Melpomene". This form of celebration allowed to recall all the performances of the troupe and actors engaged in it.

“For me every performance is like a child. There are no unloved children. And each direction is dear for me in its own way. I am very grateful to everyone, and I wish to hug everyone, but it's impossible. So today we will honor those whom Dame Fortune will choose”, stage director Olga Makarova - Schepkina said.

Congratulating the theater studio, USTU Rector, Professor Nikolay Denisovich Tskhadaya said the anniversary of Freski was quickfire and recalled how 12 years ago the university took under its wing the amateur artists.

"Not only have I never regretted the decision taken.  Moreover, I’m very proud of alloy of engineering and humanitarian components in the university atmosphere", Nikolay Denisovich said.

Repertoire of Freski - 21 performances – was pre-divided into genres-nominations. The honorary guests determined who will be rewarded. Dame Fortune was diverse in her faces; her role was played by Mayor of Ukhta, Igor Mikhel, singer Anesh Dzhanelidze, representatives of PechorNIPIneft’s Ukhta branch and the company Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta, USTU Vice Rector for General Affairs, Sergey Stoll, deputy director of the city 's Palace of Culture, Sergey Emelyanov and master of scenography, Eduard Gasin.

By random selection, the following directions received a theatre award "North Melpomene": "The Vault" (play by Oswald Zahradnik), "Skinny Soldier" (Hanoch Levin), "Hercules and the Augean stables" (Friedrich Dürrenmatt) , a satirical comedy by Nikolay Erdman "Mandate", "Serena and Victoria" by Alexander Galin , "Sylvia" by Albert Gurney, tales "Dunno" by Nikolai Nosov and "Fairy stories” by Grigory Oster .

Junior, middle and senior troupes presented their "skits", scenarios of which have been kept secret from the stage director. The creative team positioning itself as a "Moscow diaspora and St. Petersburg branch of Freski” prepared special congratulations.

Administration of Municipal Urban District Ukhta praised the stage director of the troupe, Olga Shepkina- Makarova and awarded her a diploma, and the leadership of Ukhta branch of PechorNIPIneft  - with a gratitude for the help in organization of cultural activities.