Ukhta and Nakhchivan Continue Cooperation

At the end of last week a delegation of Nakhchivan State University (Azerbaijan) paid a working visit to Ukhta. The delegation included rector of NSU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor Saleh Magerramov and head of the NSU Department of Chemistry , Ph.D. in Chemistry, Professor Tawfiq Aliyev. Guests from the former Union Republic arrived in our city on April 3, and they immediately took a tour of the sights of Ukhta. Also, representatives of the Nakhchivan University met with the leaders of our city.

Separate point of the programme of the Azerbaijani colleagues’ visit was to get acquainted with Ukhta State Technical University. A tour of the university buildings, classrooms and science labs, as well as a visit to USTU Museum of History was organized for them.

On Friday, April 4, USTU conference room hosted a meeting which was attended by university Vice-Rectors, deans of the faculties, and heads of educational departments of the university complex. They discussed with the NSU representatives the aspects of future cooperation.

Several years ago, a cooperation agreement between Ukhta State Technical University and Nakhchivan State University was signed. The agreement on academic mobility was signed in the framework of the document. But still mutual contacts between the two universities are very limited. According to the rector of the Nakhchivan University, there are a number of objective reasons for this, but all difficulties can be overcome.

Saleh Magerramov admitted: “Despite the thousands of kilometers separating Nakhchivan and Ukhta we came to your city with joy. You are very easy to communicate with and to maintain relationships. At the moment work on the agreement on academic mobility is not very active. The fact is that specialties we are training our students in are not available at your university, and vice versa. Secondly, there is a language problem: at NSU all lectures and classes are organized in Azeri language. Therefore, only two of our students are studying at your University, at the Faculty of Information Technology. But it seems to me that cooperation could be enhanced by internships of our teachers of the Russian language at your university.”

However, as it turned out, there are much more points of contact between the two universities. As Advisor to the Rector, Georgy Korshunov stressed, potentially beneficial for both sides partnership can be built in such areas as economics, management, information technology, and architecture.

NSU Rector and USTU Acting Rector, Yaroslav Tsunevsky exchanged gifts. At the end of the meeting, NSU representatives took part in the closing ceremony of the Youth Conference "Communications . Society. Spirituality".

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05