Ecological Round Table in Ethnopark

On Monday, June 30 the Finnougoriya Ethnocultural Park in Yb settlement hosted a roundtable discussion on preservation and reproduction of fish resources of the Komi Republic. Among the participants of the discussion were public figures, representatives of scientific community, representatives of the aquaculture companies, members of the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology of the State Duma, and other people who are concerned with eco-component of the native republic and the country. The event was attended by USTU Vice-Rector for Administration and External Affairs, Georgy Korshunov.

The meeting heard reports on the fisheries of the Komi people, the importance of conservation of fishery resources for ecotourism, training specialists for fisheries.

In turn, during the round table Vice Rector for External Relations spoke about the roleUSTU plays in maintaining the eco component of Ukhta, which is the birthplace of the first Russian oil. The university pays great attention to environmental issues, in particular training in the specialties Ecology and Management of Natural Resources, Technosphere Safety, Safety of technological processes and production of oil and gas industry, or directly on the core subjects in practically all specialties, such as Industrial Safety and Life Safety. Students do practical training at enterprises, learning and mastering environmental aspects, and then focus on industrial safety issues in their diploma theses and projects. Annually a considerable number of students majoring in Ecology, Safety of Technological Processes and Technosphere Safety find jobs at industrial enterprises of the city and the republic.

USTU Department of Ecology and Management of Natural Resources has been actively involved in public hearings, which are held under the administration of the Municipal Urban District "Ukhta" and Council of the Municipal Urban District "Ukhta", again in the field of ecology. Numerous scientific papers of teachers of this department have already been printed and published in collections, which are transmitted in the oil and gas and other industrial companies.

Separately, a report of the USTU representative highlighted strategic cooperation between the university and JSC LUKOIL, the university and subsidiary LLC LUKOIL-Komi. Fruitful partnership between the largest multi-discipline technical university in the European North of Russia and one of the most influential international companies has lasted for more than 15 years. In the framework of cooperation JSC LUKOIL and LLC LUKOIL-Komi systematically allocate funds to modernize the training facilities of the Ukhta university complex that allows to conduct training on the up to date level. The Company's management awards scholarships to USTU students. Thanks to the financial support of LUKOIL-Komi, scientific conferences with the participation of university students and young professionals of the Company are regularly held, and tours to production facilities of the Company and to the Museum of History of Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Industry, LLC LUKOIL-Komi are organized. In turn, the university trains highly qualified personnel for the Company's subsidiaries. Students majoring in core specialties have an opportunity to undergo industrial internship in structural subdivisions of LLC LUKOIL-Komi with subsequent employment. Cooperation of the northern university and the companies is undertaken in many other areas, such as research and innovation, socio-cultural and sports activities, required specialists training.

Сhanged: 27 June, 2017 - 15:05