Specialist from Brazil Gives a Lecture at USTU under SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program

On November 10 Gino Di Lullo, a SPE Honored lecturer, technical expert of the company Superior Energy gave a lecture on "Acid Stimulation Challenges and Solutions in Deeper Limestone Reservoirs."

The lecture focused on topical issues in the field of oil production intensification using various acid compositions and processing technologies of bottom zone of oil-saturated reservoir. The lecturer clearly showed the mechanism of interaction of acidic compounds with carbonate reservoirs, as well as technologies such as acid hydraulic fracturing, processing using gelled acid compositions, slowdown in spending time, creating of additional radial wellbores by acid spray using coiled tubing units.

The questions raised in the lecture are very relevant for the Timan-Pechora province, as the main hydrocarbon reserves lie in fractured carbonate oil-saturated rocks (reservoirs).

During his visit, Gino Di Lullo visited the well-core study laboratory created at USTU. He said that he was impressed with the level of laboratory equipment and the quality of the research conducted in the direction he is interested in. The lecturer paid special attention to the available in the laboratory core holders 500 and 1000 mm long, which is a rarity. This kind of equipment is relevant for his scientific experiments on the effects of various reagents (acids, viscoelastic compositions and steam) on oil-saturated rocks and unconsolidated core. Our guest also visited the University Museum, which impressed him greatly.

More info about USTU SPE chapter: http://en.ugtu.net/spe