UTime News project included in the action plan of the Government of the Russian Federation to promote vocational and engineering professions

On March 5, 2015 Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed an order to approve an action plan to promote vocational and engineering professions. The executive order of the President of Russia of May 7, 2012 №597 'On measures to implement state social policy' directed the government to increase the number of highly skilled professionals by 2020.

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree of May 7, 2012 the Government of the Russian Federation has prepared a plan of action to promote vocational and engineering professions, aimed primarily at promoting relevant professions among Russian citizens, especially among young people. The document contains a list of activities, time for their performance and a list of organizations responsible for the implementation of these measures (federal executive bodies, profit and non-profit organizations).

This action plan includes an activity "Implementation of the UTime News model of sectoral media cooperation between universities and companies with a view to promote vocational and engineering professions among young people by an example of fuel & energy complex." The activity is to be executed by FSBEI HPE "Ukhta State Technical University", the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The document was published on the official website of the Government of Russia on Monday, March 9, 2015.

The UTime News project has been implemented since 2011 within the framework of the national scientific and educational innovation and technological consortium of universities and companies of the mineral resources and fuel & energy complexes of Russia headed by the National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines). Under the UTime News project the following activities are carried out: promotion of vocational and engineering professions, involvement of young people in relevant activities; ensuring the promotion of educational, scientific and innovative cooperation; vocational guidance work with young people across the country applying modern information technologies; creation of an interactive map of staff potential in the regions, universities and companies, index-rating system of future young professionals, as well as other activities. On a weekly basis a joint news programme is broadcast on the Internet, cable and corporate media networks of partner organizations of the project.

"The issue of enhancing the prestige of vocational and engineering professions today requires special attention of the state, business and education, since the demand for such professions in the real sector of the economy is quite obvious. We need to attract young people to choose their professional education as basic following the current realities of the labor market and using modern information and communication technologies. Nikolay Tskhadaya, USTU Rector, Vice-Chairman of the National Consortium of universities of the mineral resources and fuel & energy complexes is confident that today the country badly needs highly skilled workers and engineers who are trained, inter alia, at the universities - members of our Consortium. That is why the Consortium and USTU together with the federal authorities are involved in the implementation of the Action Plan to promote vocational and engineering professions,"said G.V. Korshunov, head of the working group of the Consortium for information and analytical support, USTU Vice-Rector for external affairs.