Ukhta Celebrates Africa Day for the First Time!

On May 22 the congress hall of Ukhta State Technical University hosted an unusual concert dedicated to the celebration of Africa Day. USTU international students who came from African countries organized it for students, university staff and all residents of Ukhta interested in the event.

In general, the entire African continent annually celebrates Africa Day or the African Freedom Day on 25 May; this festival is devoted to the anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Unity to strengthen inter-territorial relations on the continent. Previously, USTU African students have always celebrated this holiday at home with their families and friends, but now, having decided not to depart from their national traditions and at the same time, to introduce Russian students to this holiday, together with the international department they held Africa Day (for the first time in Ukhta and USTU!) on the stage of their alma mater.

At the concert, international students presented colorful and emotional videos describing their native countries, described their impressions of Russia and their first visit to our country, shared the diversity of national folklore - sang in French to a guitar, danced hip-hop, Kizomba, Semba, Afro House. Everyone in the room enjoyed African guys’ defile in colorful national costumes.

For African international students this holiday is a good occasion to inform Russian students about the features of their countries, and announce themselves. All the guys admitted that they miss home; nevertheless, studies and student life at USTU are busy and nice, so they are happy that they decided to come to study in Russia, at northern Ukhta university.