Awaiting the Knowledge Day

The Knowledge Day is just around the corner. A few days more and all the students will sink into the ocean of lectures, seminars, laboratory works, practicals. If it is a simple thing for Russian students, but for citizens, who have come to Ukhta University from far-abroad countries, the beginning of the study year in Russia will be a really memorable moment.

Since September this year the preparatory course by International Department of USTU will be opened again giving international students, who don’t know Russian, an opportunity to learn the language. First and foremost, they are going to study basic skills of Russian, which include main language aspects, such as speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and writing, also the students will take courses in mathematics, physics and IT. For making their study more convenient new bought student’s books, multimedia equipment and cosy classrooms will be at their disposal. It goes without saying, experienced teachers, who enjoyed having lessons with the first groups of international students last study year, will tutor them as well.

Currently, students from Pakistan, Nepal, Ghana and Mexico have already arrived at Ukhta. Other guys from such countries as Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Somali and Bangladesh are coming soon.

At the moment the students are settling in the USTU dormitory, getting used to Ukhta weather and learning Russian cultural thought pattern, but soon they are going to take part in a special event devoted to the celebration of the Knowledge Day, get to know streets of Ukhta and university campus during the orientation week, and take their first lessons in Russia in order to be able to continue their study in Bachelor and Master programs next year. Let’s wish the guys much zeal, patience and tenacity in making their dreams come true.