Orientation week for international students of USTU

Less than a week ago a new group of international students from Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Mexico, Nepal and Pakistan arrived at the town of Ukhta for learning the Russian language. But before starting their lessons they needed to get to know the town and the university they are going to live in and study. Events of the orientation week arranged by International department of USTU were meant to help the students in it.

During the orientation week international students get an opportunity to learn streets and areas of the town they are going to stay for study, to fit in a new country, to get to know key aspects of Russian culture and customs and to find new friends.

As part of the orientation week a number of different events was arranged such as ceremonial meeting at International department, excursion through the personalized class rooms of the main USTU building and library complex, walking tour around the main university building, participation in the 3rd International ecotouristic forum  «Yozh», going to the hockey match, participation in a football control game between a previous group of the preparatory course and a new one, collective cooking of the Russian national dishes. The final event was a trip to Krokhal, outdoor activities and cooking fried meat on an open fire called shashlik.

In the nearest time International department is planning to arrange a bus tour around the town of Ukhta and a game called quest through the class rooms of the main university building together with the student union.