The Russian language course has started

14th September, 2015 will be remembered by the international students of the preparatory course organized by International department as a starting point on the way of studying the Russian language, because on that day students from far-abroad countries began their Russian language lessons with the experienced teacher Nadezhda Konstantinovna Svirchevskaya.

A new group of students, which came to Ukhta University from Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, Congo, Nepal and Pakistan, is in Russia for the first time. Nevertheless that fact that the guys arrived in Russia a week ago they got a chance to learn some aspects of Russian culture and customs during the orientation week.

Yesterday before the opening of the course «Russian as a foreign language» a previous group of international students was ceremoniously awarded with Certificates of completion the preparatory course. It would be challenging to say that a year of the preparatory course is enough to be able to speak Russian fluently. Without doubt, the guys who studied basics of the Russian language and entered the University to continue their study in Bachelor programs will face some difficulties in joining a new study group and understanding technicalities, therefore every day for them in a role of a real USTU student is another opportunity to improve their Russian language skills.

On the award and opening day the vice-rector of external affairs, Georgy Vladimirovich Korshunov, gave a speech. He wished the students to have active attitude to life, participate in University events and communicate with Russian-speaking students.

Hope that the guys will get used to a new atmosphere and environment soon and feel at home.