English with native speakers from the USA

A week ago two teachers from the USA arrived in the town of Ukhta for completing their internship at the Ukhta University. Kathryne and Victoria are going to teach English for all the students of USTU at the department of foreign languages from September, 2015 till June, 2016.

One week earlier another US teacher, Nicholas Ourusoff, came to the Ukhta University to teach in English at the department of computer science, information systems and technologies.

It is a common fact that the English language has become an international language, a language of politics, business and science. Nowadays to know English is as necessary as to be able to speak a native language in order not to be on the margins of world integration progress. The quantity of people, who learn English in different levels and programs, is growing each year.

Kathryne and Victoria, who graduated from the US universities, have been introduced to the staff of International Department of USTU, Department Chairman of foreign languages, Department Chairman of computer science, information systems and technologies, and also met Vice-rector of External Affairs. Ukhta University got an opportunity to accept two teachers thanks to the grant Fulbright, which was won by International Department in spring this year. The teachers are considered to take part in university events and events of other Ukhta schools and lyceums.

Studying English with English native speakers is appropriate not only for students, who have been learning it for several years, but also for beginners, who are making their first steps in this direction. Such teachers usually understand the obtained level in English of students at once and try to teach them words and phrases used in everyday language. At the English lessons with English native speakers one can take a dip into language environment, overcome language difficulties, enrich vocabulary and express ideas in English with confidence.