Introduce your country

No wonder that inhabitants of Ukhta town, where you can seldom meet a person with different skin colour and exotic eye shape, have always been interested in foreigners. Especially when we are talking about pupils of schools and lyceums, who would like to become friends with representatives of other culture and language. Last Friday, on 2nd October, such an opportunity was given to them by International Department together with museum clerks of USTU, who organized the event called “Introduce your country”.

Among the participants there were both international students, who have started learning Russian at the preparatory course recently, and pupils from schools № 3, №16, № 21, teenagers of Ukhta Technical Lyceum named after G. V. Rassokhin and students of  Ukhta Industrial College. The aim of the event was two-sided introduction: pupils and students told about endless landscapes of Russia, customs of Russian nation, great people of our country, and international students in their turn shared stories about their motherlands, their culture, national dresses, food, religion. Their stories were added with exciting presentations with bright pictures, audio tracks of national music and short videos showed rich world of different countries. But the conversation didn’t finish on it. Both Russian children and international students enjoyed asking each other questions. Apart from that, the pupils, who told the international guests about life of an outstanding composer Tchaikovsky P. I., played the piano a couple of his works. Live music fascinated the international students so much that they asked to play an encore.

It’s worth noting that the language of the event was English. Therefore the Russian pupils could kill two birds with one stone: they practiced their spoken English and found new foreign friends.

At the end of the event all the participant took pictures together, got letters of gratitude and a massive portion of positive memories, which will definitely remain for a long time.